Visit to the Violin Museum

Visit to the Violin Museum

On November 10 we are pleased to invite you for a visit to the Violin Museum in Cremona and a recital with a historical violin in the fascinating “Giovanni Arvedi” auditorium, purposely designed for the violin acoustics.


Cremona is a city in Northern Italy, located on the left bank of the Po river. The first historical clear evidences of Cremona date back to 400 BC. With the Romans the territory developed as a military outpost, and quickly became an important city along the “Via Postumia”, running from west to east north Italy, and linking Genoa with Aquileia.

The city has undergone positive and negative periods through the centuries, but it is in the medieval age that Cremona experienced one of the most effulgent period. The Cathedral and Torrazzo (the third highest brickwork in Europe) date back to that time.

Nowadays Cremona economy relies on agriculture and food transformation. Cathedral

Violin making in Cremona

Starting from the 16th century Cremona became renowned for instrument making, with Amati, Rugeri, Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù families having in Cremona their workshops.

The historic violin making tradition in Cremona is kept alive in the over 150 luthery workshops active in the city, where the most renowned players entrust their instruments to competent artisans.

In 2012 the “Traditional violin craftsmanship in Cremona” has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Violin making

Violin Museum

Violin Museum Founded in 2013, the Violin Museum has rapidly evolved in one of the most lively spots in the city. At the violin museum you can look at the most valuable instruments built by the Cremonese masters. What makes the Violin Museum unique is the fact that these instruments are played on a regular basis by the resident musicians.

More information on the Museo del Violino website


How to reach Cremona

Cremona is located 90 km south-east from Milano. We will travel from Milano to Cremona by bus. Exact timing and meeting point will be communicated during the conference.