ISMIR 23 Videos

November 5

Tutorial T1 Morning: Analysing Physiological Data Collected During Music Listening: An Introduction

Tutorial T2 Morning: Introduction to Differentiable Audio Synthesizer Programming

Tutorial T3 Morning: Transformer-based Symbolic Music Generation: Fundamentals to Advanced Concepts, Stylistic Considerations, Conditioning Mechanisms and Large Language Models

Tutorial T1 Afternoon: Computer-Assisted Music-Making Systems: Taxonomy, Review, and Coding

Tutorial T2 Afternoon: Learning with Music Signals: Technology Meets Education

Tutorial T3 Afternoon: Kymatio: Deep Learning meets Wavelet Theory for Music Signal Processing

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November 6

Opening ceremony

Keynote 1: Help! - Bridging the Gap Between Music Technology and Diverse Stakeholder Needs

Best paper candidate 1: Exploring the correspondence of melodic contour with gesture in raga alap singing

Best paper candidate 2: CLaMP: Contrastive Language-Music Pre-training for Cross-Modal Symbolic Music Information Retrieval

November 7

Keynote 2: Seeing the light through music, a blind man’s journey of discovery through audio and how to navigate making music that speaks to the world in the age of the Screen Driven universe

Best Paper Candidate 3 - BPS-Motif: A Dataset for Repeated Pattern Discovery of Polyphonic Symbolic Music

Best Paper Candidate 4: LP-MusicCaps: LLM-Based Pseudo Music Captioning


Industry panel: Future of multimodal AI in Music Research

November 8

Keynote 3: Building & Launching MIR systems at industry scale

Best Paper Candidate 5 - PESTO: Pitch Estimation with Self-supervised Transposition-equivariant Objective

Best Paper Candidate 6 - Singing voice synthesis using differentiable LPC and glottalflow inspired wavetables


November 9

Society Meeting, Awardss and closing ceremony