What is the “Unconference”?

In the “Unconference”, participants team up into small groups to discuss MIR topics of their particular interest.

Form: This is an informal and informative opportunity to get to know peers and colleagues from around the world. The format of the sessions is totally flexible, and there are many different styles that have worked at different unconferences. It can be a simple discussion among interested parties. It can be a series of short (spur of the moment) position talks followed by discussion. It can be something else, like a demo, or a tutorial, or a very brief code sprint. Whatever you can imagine!

The overall success will depend on

  • good topics
  • enthusiastic participation

Proposing discussion topics: In order to launch the process, we set up a brainstorming page were you can already start proposing discussion topics, comment them and vote for them: https://dotstorming.com/b/653b7381bbcf8b05c4746d92 Selecting discussion topics: To vote, you should simply click at the bottom of the card. You will of course be able to propose/ select/ vote-for other discussion topics during the whole Unconference session, on the 9th.

Session schedule: The Unconference will begin with a brief plenary in which session topics of greatest interest are selected. We will then divide up and have impromptu sessions/discussions on the topics of greatest interest for 30 minutes (each group is assigned a room for a 30 minutes discussion). After those 30 min, everyone go back to the main meeting room to propose/ select/ vote-for new discussion topics; or pursue the discussions on the same topic. The process is repeated until the end of the session.

When? Where?

This year, the “Unconference” will take place on Thursday, November 9 between 5:30 and 7:00 PM (right after the LBD session) in the ground floor of the main hall of the conference.

We look forward to seeing you there !

All the best,

Geoffroy Peeters, Unconference-chair.