Instructions for Presenters

Instructions for Presenters

Presentation Format

This year’s ISMIR will take place in person. In exceptional cases, presenters who cannot join the conference in Milan will be given the opportunity to interact with remote and in presence participants in a synchronous way during the conference.

All papers will have both a short (4 minute) oral presentation, and a poster presentation. During the poster session, remote and in presence participants can interact with remote presenters through dedicated Zoom meetings.

Before the conference:

All presenting authors are asked to upload* the following materials by October 13th, 2023 AOE:

  • A pre-recorded video presenting of their paper (see instructions below)
  • A poster presentation pdf (see instructions below)
  • [Physical presentations only] The slides for the physical presentation (see instructions below).
  • An image that best represents your paper, to be used as a thumbnail for the papers page on the online platform.

These materials will be available to all participants throughout the conference via the online platform (MiniConf).

*See the “Uploading Materials” section below for details.

During the conference:

Similar to ISMIR 2018, 2019 and 2022, paper sessions will have a single-track 4-minute oral presentation component, followed by a poster session for further questions and discussions.

Oral presentation sessions:

  • In-person presenters will give their 4-minute presentation live during the session
  • Remote presenters will have their pre-recorded video played back during the live session, alternating with in-person presentations.
  • In-person attendees will watch this like a regular oral session
  • Virtual attendees will be able to watch the full session via a Zoom or post-hoc as a recorded session available on the conference platform.
  • For all participants, the 4-minute pre-recorded videos will be available on MiniConf throughout the conference.

Poster sessions:

  • In-person presenters will be asked to print and present a physical poster like in normal conferences. A Slack channel for each paper will be used to asynchronously respond to questions. We strongly encourage video responses!
  • Remote presenters will have a synchronous poster session by connecting via Zoom to a dedicated meeting .They will be able also to respond to questions asynchronously via the paper’s dedicated Slack channel.
  • Remote attendees will have access to all online poster pdfs via MiniConf, and will be able to asynchronously ask questions on the paper’s slack channel.

Instructions for preparing materials

Video Presentations

Similar to the 4 minute presentations of past ISMIRs, these prerecorded short videos should introduce the topic of your paper, inform of some insights from the work, and entice watchers to read the paper and visit your poster sessions.

We recommend recording voice overs to a slide show or slides with embedded video of the presenter. One way to do this is record the presentation on a virtual meeting platform such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. Presentation programs such as Powerpoint and screen capture programs such as Screencast-o-matic can be used to record slide presentations with voiceover.


Duration: up to 4 minutes (strict)

File size: 300 MB max

Video format: mp4

Video codec: H.264

Dimension: minimum height 720px, aspect ratio 16:9

Resolution: 1080p (1920px x 1080px) or 720p (1280px x 720px)

Filename: Please name the file as video__.mp4. is the paper submission number and is the presenting author’s family name (ex: video_118_Goto.mp4)

Slides for in-person presenters

In person presenters will need to upload the slides they will present ahead of time in either PDF or as a link to a google slides presentation. For upload instructions see the uploading section below.

Poster PDFs

The conference venue provides poster boards with a dimension of 700 x 1000 mm portrait, which is suitable for A1 paper. Poster should be in A1 portrait (594 x 841 mm) format. All posters will be available on MiniConf. Physical posters will be printed and displayed in the conference venue. More information about local poster printing services will be provided soon.

Thumbnail image

An image that best represents your paper is to be provided by authors to be used as a thumbnail for the paper on the online platform. It could simply be a figure from your paper or you can get creative. The thumbnail image should be a PNG file less than 1 MB and less than 1920px x 1080px in dimension. Please name the file as thumbnail__.png

Uploading Materials

The materials must be uploaded following the instructions below by October 13th, 2023 AOE, Anywhere On Earth (AOE).

Authors will receive an email with a link to upload their materials. Only in case of access restrictions or complications, participants may also share URL links to uploads of their material with using their own dropbox service or weTransfer.

If you have any questions concerning uploading materials please contact If you have any questions regarding the presentation materials themselves, please reach out to

Poster printing services

The printing of the posters is the responsibility of the authors. The local organization team will not directly provide poster printing and delivery services. However, below we list some print shops that are close to the venue:

  • “CENTRO STAMPA VIRUS S.n.c.”, Via Alfonso Corti, 30, 20133 Milano MI, maps, mail: stampameglio(at);
  • “Eliocenter Centro Stampa”, Via Averardo Buschi, Via Antonio Grossich, 20, 20131 Milano MI, maps, mail: stampa(at);
  • “INKSTAMPA”, Via Giovanni Pacini, 50, 20131 Milano MI, maps, mail: inkstampa.milano(at);
  • “PoliPrint”, Via Edoardo Bonardi, 9, floor G, 20133 Milano MI, maps;