Jam session

ISMIR Jam Session – Milano 2023 - Wednesday 8th November

Calling all Musicians. Calling all Musicians. The ISMIR Jam Session will take place after the main dinner at the “Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica” on Wednesday, November 8th. The jam session will last about an hour – from 9.30 to 10.30 pm

It is open to everyone who can play reasonably well. (You don’t have to be great, but you must know how to play some of the right notes in vaguely the right order!) We will have drums, bass, piano and a guitar that you can play on. If you are a horn player, you must bring your own! We will provide parts in C, Eb and Bb. Let us know what you need.

Below is an initial list of standards we are proposing. If you want to play on them, please pick the instrument you would like to play and the standard on which you would like to play. Pick as many as you like, and we will try to make it fair so everyone can get to play. Please send a link if you have a 5-second clip of you playing on YouTube or Instagram. It will help us programme the evening.

After a first part dedicated to jazz standards, the jam session will also be open to pop-rock music.

  1. Autumn Leaves (Gm)

  2. My favourite things (Em)

  3. All Blues (G)

  4. On Green Dolphin Street (Eb)

  5. My Funny Valentine (Cm)

  6. Fly me to the Moon (Am)

  7. Stella by Starlight (classic – mid-tempo)

  8. Now’s the Time (Blues in F)

Post Jam Session

After the Jam session, which is centred on Standards so that people can play together we are also welcoming different kinds of music. If you want to propose something non-jazz, please do so below!

This might be a little bit more of a free-for-all all!

Mark d’Inverno and Francois Pachet

To participate to the Jam Session please fill the following form

Contact email: ismir2023-jamsession@ismir.net